How to Avoid Tax-Refund Identity Theft




The entire rascal must steal your identity and your tax refund – your name and your social security number – are the two most important personal information (PII) items. Then scammers make declared values ​​as income and tax return, and even file a false tax return under your name.

Most of the repayments sent by credit or debit card to a thief’s address or sent electronically to a bank account controlled by a thief will be less to facilitate their discovery. But a thief can report hundreds of false tax returns a year.


How tax fraudsters receive your personal information

While Americans are more aware of the dangers of identity theft and the need for more effective security methods, thieves are still relatively easy to get confidential personal information about strangers.

“There are many ways for criminals to access their personal data – from tax return fraud through phishing emails through the old old man junk in the bin,” said Trey Loughran, Equifax Marketing Director. “Some scammers represent themselves as tax preparers who offer discounts to receive your income, or even the same as the IRS by false email.

Sophisticated kidnappers often have complications with access to confidential data. In 2011 and 2012 Two-Stroke Identity Theft was discovered in Florida using hospital registers stolen by billing agency employees for filing thousands of false income statements and collecting …


Interested in Being a Model and Lowering Your Taxes? Read This Article

It’s the perfect dream job; Traveling the world, being paid to do nothing but stand there and have your picture taken, whether the latest fashions. And while it can seem like an unattainable goal, the fact that you are looking at models in the magazines is proof that it is achievable, you just have to start small.

One of the biggest challenges which a model needs to overcome is the business side of what they do. After all, if you are a model then you learned skills on how to pose for pictures and look your best, not how to do your own taxes.

However, if you are looking to start out as a model, this is the type of information that you need to know.


Photographs and Portfolios

Every model knows that building their portfolio is the most expensive part of starting out as a model. Not the clothes, not the makeup, it’s the photos. The reason why they are so expensive is that they are your first the only chance to wow a model selection panel. However, this cost does not’ have to be a personal one.

The costs of operating a business, such as shoes are potential deductions that every model can look to include in their business tax return. If you are claiming, it’s important that you remember that your vacation snaps or any person …


Strategies for Eliminating Personal Debt

Do you lie awake at night stressing under a mountain of personal debt? Debt hangover from credit card usage for discretionary purchases can become a financial noose. The sacrifices necessary for delayed gratification far outweigh the heavy burdens posed by credit card debt. There is a way out – and it involves substantial amounts of self-discipline. Follow these recommendations from the professional financial advisors to begin your journey to eliminate personal credit card debt.

For any goal to succeed there must be a detailed plan that can be executed in realistic steps. The first step is to create a spreadsheet listing each of your credit card debts, balances and minimum payment requirements. Arrange these in ascending order with the lowest balances listed first.  Total the outstanding balances. Set a date by which you wish to eliminate these balances. Divide the number of months between now and your goal by the total outstanding balance. This is the sum that you wish earmark each month towards debt elimination. You can break this down further by weeks or even days.

Always pay the minimum amount due on each card during this pay down process. Plan to pay off the credit card with the lowest balance first. This will allow you to see progress towards reaching your goal. The next step is to identify your monthly discretionary spending budget. Subtract your fixed expenses, this …


Why You Should Invest Your Tax Refunds This Year

After you’ve dealt with your tax return and received a refund, what do you do with it? For most, their first instincts are to spend it all at once and treat themselves! That’s not such a bad thing but maybe it’s not the wisest decision either. Have you ever thought about investing the refund? It doesn’t matter if you receive a little or a lot, investing the refund can be such a great idea and certainly one that appeals to you more so than what you might think. So, why should you invest and what can you invest in?

It Can Impact Your Future

Why should you invest your refunds? Well, it can have a major impact on your future. If you were to invest in something you never know, it could offer a wonderful return sometime in the future. That could essentially mean you have one less worry to concern yourself with. What is more, there are a dozen different things in which you can invest in and they can offer great returns potential. You should think about putting your tax refunds to good use and investing is one such option. Yes, you are putting the money into an adventure which may or may not offer any rewards but you can never truly tell. It’s a risk but the rewards might be great.

Gold And Silver Are Possibilities

Investing …


Last Chance to Claim Your Tax Refund

For most, they manage to get a refund after filing their tax return but there are many who don’t in face file their returns on time. Now, this isn’t good because you could get into a lot of trouble and it’s certainly wise to get your returns sent in on time. However, if you do manage to miss the deadline and believe you’re entitled to a refund, then you have some time to file. Read on to find out a little more about last chance tax refunds.

The Countdown Is On

You have three years to file a return and to claim returns within the last three financial years. The original date in which the returns should be filed will start a three year countdown and once the time passes three years to the day, they cannot be reclaimed. For millions, they fail to file on time and risk giving up their refunds. It’s amazing because the refund can be anything from a few hundred to a few thousand and that’s a lot of money to just give up on. Tax refunds can truly vary so what you may miss out on is unknown. However, do you really want to miss out on your refund? Click here!

Not Reaching the High-Income Level

If you are a very low earner and have very limited income then you may not need …


How to Get the Biggest Tax Refund This Year

The one thing that we all want is to get a really large tax refund. And, it is possible if you are aware about all the tips on getting a refund back. There are many things that you can do to make sure that you don’t only get a tax refund, but to get a really large amount of refund back, without any problems. Here are a couple of tips on how you can get the biggest tax refund this year.

File early

So many people are waiting until the last minute to file their taxes. The longer you are waiting, the longer you are going to wait to get your tax refund back.

Many people are waiting until the deadline, and this means that the IRS is taking longer to process all the tax forms and to release payment. The sooner you are filing your taxes correctly, the sooner you are going to get your refund back.

Claim for supporting relative

Many people are supporting a relative and they don’t really realize that they can claim for this for getting some tax refund back. If you are supporting a relative and you are contributing financially, then you can add these to deductions.

However, you need to be able to proof that you are supporting a relative and not just giving them money so that you can add it …

tax refund

Tips on boosting your tax refund

It is always just a couple of lucky people who get a tax refund, especially large amounts of money. However, they might get their refunds back, because of the fact that they know all the tips and tricks on how to boost your tax refund legally. Here are a couple of tips on how you can boost your tax refund when it’s time for tax returns.

Paying your mortgage loan before the end of the year

This is something that you might not have known. If you have a mortgage loan and you are paying your mortgage on a monthly basis (which most people are doing), then you can claim extra interest if you are paying your mortgage before the end of the year. And it will boost your tax refund pay out.

This means, that if you are paying your mortgage loan before December 31, you are able to claim more interest rates, because you have paid 13 mortgage premiums in the 12 months, making the interest more that you are able to claim.

Claim for the earned income tax credit

The one thing that you also can do to boost your tax refund amount, is to make sure that you are claiming for the earned income tax credits. This is something that not many people know about. If you don’t know about the fact that you can claim …

tax professionals

Tax Refund – Get Your Refund Promptly

It is possible to get your tax refund promptly, if you are doing your preparation work for filing your taxes correctly. We all are looking to get our refund back as soon as possible, but it can be frustrating if we need to redo the taxes over and over again simply because you have made a few basic mistakes. Here are some tips on how to do tax preparation work correctly, so that you can get your refund back as soon as possible.

Choose someone to do the work for you

The first thing that you should do, is to make sure that you choose someone to do the tax return for you. There are many people that you can use for doing taxes, but it is hard to find the one company that you can trust with something as important as your taxes.

When you are choosing to let someone else do it for you, then you need to make sure that you do your homework and find the one company that you really can trust and that is legal. Don’t just let anyone do your tax return for you. If they are doing it incorrectly, you are the one that is going to be in trouble.

Get all your correct documentation

To be able to get your refund back promptly, then you need to make sure that you …

Online Tax

Get Your Online Tax Refunds with H and R Block

Not everyone is able to file their tax returns at the IRS offices. This is because there are many people that are living in small towns that don’t have access to the IRS offices. And, these people need to make sure that they are submitting their tax returns via the Internet. For most, the best way to do this, is to do it with the H and R Block online. Here is more information about this software for filing taxes.

What are included with the H and R Block?

People who are using this online software for doing and submitting their taxes say great things about the software. This is because this is really a great and easy way of doing your taxes if you are living in the smaller towns.

You are not only getting software that is easy to use, but you are also getting a tax calculator that you can use to ensure that you are making the right calculation and to see if you are going to get any tax refund for the year.

The H and R block is known as one of the best software to use for filing your taxes and to get some of the best tax calculators on the market.

Plans available with the H and R block software

The one thing that many people don’t really know, is that there …

Federal Tax Refund

Federal Tax Refund: The IRS Can Keep Your Tax Refund

You can’t wait for your tax refund, just to discover that the IRS is going to keep your tax refund. And, before you think that this is a mistake and that they can’t do this to you, you need to know that they can actually keep your tax refund under certain circumstances. Here are some of the reasons why the IRS can actually keep your tax refund.

You have past tax debt

The one thing that you might not know, is that if you have any past tax debt that you didn’t paid or that you are still paying, then you are not going to see a cent of your tax refund until the debt has been paid.

The IRS has a right to keep your tax refund until you have paid your debt in full. And, it doesn’t matter if you were aware of the tax debt that you are owning or not. So, before you start thinking about spending your tax refund, you should make sure that you are not owning the IRS any money.

Owning child support

Another legal reason why the IRS can keep your tax refund from you, is when you are owning child support to the legal guardian of your children.

The IRS can actually see if you are behind on child support. Even if the legal guardian isn’t suing you for paying the …